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Hear directly from our Chief Logistics Officer and VP of Operations on the latest news in logistics and how ShipBob is continuously adapting and innovating for you.

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Understand the latest fulfillment, supply chain, and carrier updates as COVID-19, government updates, and surcharges are rapidly changing.

ShipBob's Inside Logistics Series

Meet your hosts

Todd Bills

Chief Logistics Officer, ShipBob

Todd Bills has over 25 years of experience in supply chain and operations with a focus on ecommerce. He has held leadership positions at companies like Wayfair and Target before joining ShipBob. Not only does he have extensive experience in direct-to-consumer fulfillment, but managing and scaling a distributed fulfillment network.

Genaro Bugarin

Vice President of Fulfillment, ShipBob

Genaro Bugarin also has over 25 years of experience in supply chain and distribution for large ecommerce operations. He has led teams across multiple fulfillment centers at companies like Wayfair and Ingram Micro, plus 15 years at Petco where he managed, expanded, and launched fulfillment centers, while supporting 400 stores nationwide.

Why listen to ShipBob's Logistics Series?

Hear Directly From Us

We want to connect directly with you and allow you to hear from our leaders who are spending time within our centers across our entire network.

Learn the Fundamentals

From self-fulfillment versus using a 3PL to what happens within a fulfillment center, learn some of the fundamentals of supply chain for ecommerce.

ShipBob Updates + Welcome

Episode 1: June 10

Our CLO, Todd Bills, joins us from our Bethlehem, PA fulfillment center. He shares how all ten facilities are still open, how we are managing PPE with states opening things, our hiring plans (150 hired in the last 6 weeks), the impact of the civil unrest, and how our carrier partners are adapting to the changes.

Season 1 of the ShipBob Logistics Series

Receiving SLAs & Surcharges

Episode 2: June 12

Our CLO, Todd Bills, joins us to share updates around how fulfillment center statuses (fully operational across all 10 facilities), positive updates around our receiving SLAs, the peak surcharges from UPS and FedEx and how ShipBob will cover 33-100% of all fees, plus hiring updates (nearly 240 new associates) and carrier delays.

Carrier Delays & Load-Leveling

Episode 3: June 16

Our VP of Fulfillment, Genaro Bugarin, joins us for the first time to explain why there are carrier delays, how some carriers are seeing more than 1M packages per day than 2019 holiday peak season, what load-leveling is, what we are doing to combat this, how we are working with the carriers, and what you can do for your brand.

Fulfillment SLAs & Surcharges

Episode 4: June 23

Our CLO, Todd Bills, joins us to share updates around reducing our fulfillment SLAs by one day from the COVID extended SLAs, how over 99.6% of orders are getting shipped within the one day extension, reminders on the peak surcharges from UPS and FedEx (we are covering 33-100% of fees), plus the carrier delays based on the increased demand.

Holidays & Carrier Updates

Episode 5: June 30

Our CLO, Todd Bills, joins us to share updates around the holidays with carrier pickup timelines for the 4th of July and Canada Day, the UPS and FedEx surcharges, our Lost in Transit policy, reverting our inbound receiving SLAs to pre-COVID levels, reducing our outbound SLAs, and data on carrier delays, such as UPS having the shortest delays, but UPS MI having the longest delays.